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      Ourwebsite allows the User to use an online transaction service (PayPal) that isowned by a third party to process such payments. When the user includes personaldata to process the payment, such as the credit card number, among others, theuse and protection of said data will be governed by the terms and conditionsestablished by PayPal.

      Milonga will notassume any responsibility for the operation, function, availability and / orsecurity provided by PayPal. If the User needs more information about thisservice, please visit www.paypal.com.

      Itshould be noted that the User, when paying for a purchase through PayPal, isfirst presented with the purchase summary during the sales process, then mustleave the Milonga website in a short period of time to access the Pay Palpayment gateway. Then access again when the User knows the status of thepayment (rejected or approved).

      Throughout thisperiod, the PayPal conditions applicable to the payment, the transaction willgovern. Paypal is certified in the secure handling of credit card information. Whilewe cannot guarantee 100% security, these systems have proven to be effective inhandling sensitive information and in preventing hackers from deciphering yourdata. We do not accept payments on a mobile or web application.