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      The maximum period fornotifying a change is 5 days after the User has received the order.

      To make the exchangerequest, the User must send an email to ecommerce@milonga.com.co,attaching the corresponding invoice and stating the case.

      The maximum period fornotifying a change is 5 days after the User has received the order.

      Tomake the exchange request, the User must send an email toecommerce@milonga.com.co, attaching the corresponding invoice and stating thecase. Exchanges of items are made by product, subject to availability of theproduct in stock. The items must be unworn and unwashed, unstained and keep theoriginal tags and hygienic protector and content in its original packaging.Products under a Special Price Offer, discounted items and CARE category arenon-exchangeable. Milonga will analyze the case and inform the customer if itis appropriate for a return / warranty.

      When the Userpurchases a product on Milonga's website, Milonga gives the User only oneopportunity to exchange it. Only in any of these accepted cases will Milongabear all shipping costs for returns and exchanges:

      A. The size does notmeet the User's needs, because it is too big or too small: as long as the sizereceived by the customer is outside the ranges of our size chart, expressed oneach product. 

      B. The product isdamaged. 

      C. Milonga sent thewrong item.

      *Milonga is responsible for items lost or damaged during the return transport *If the Customer has lost the corresponding invoice, he canrequest a copy by email to: ecommerce@milonga.com.co


      Milonga will acceptany order cancellation made by User only and exclusively when such cancellationhas been requested by email to: ecommerce@milonga.com.co within 24 hours afterthe corresponding purchase has been made.


      All products areeligible for returns and refunds, except products classified as: category CARE,products under a Special Price Offer and discounted items.

      For all orders over$110 USD, Milonga will assume all shipping costs on return requests in thefollowing cases: 

      A. The size does notmeet the user's needs, as it is too big or too small: as long as the sizereceived by the customer is outside the ranges of our measurement chart,expressed in each product. 

      B. The product isdamaged. 

      C. Milonga sent thewrong item.

      For orders under $60USD, original shipping charges will be refunded if there is a problem withquality or delivery. All returned itemsmust be unworn, unworn, unstained, undamaged, worn and washed, with all salestags and hygienic pads as received.


      *Customer did not like the product, fit, size or color (and the product is inperfect condition and Milonga shipped it according to the customer's order andis in accordance with our sizing chart).

      * Milonga is NOTresponsible for loss or damage in transit *.

      Anyreturns or exchanges associated with products delivered to the User must bemade by sending a direct email to ecommerce@milonga.com.co,and then the User will send via a shipping company (to be chosen by the User)the product subject of such return or exchange. We accept returns within 5 daysof receipt of the order by customers.

      * With respect to theproducts, some small color variations or other types of minor variations mayoccur in the products offered, as a result of different image acquisitiontechnologies and displays or for other technical reasons Milonga is notresponsible for such variations and deviations *.


      Refunds generally takebetween 15 and 30 business days from the date we receive your items. Thebalance will be refunded through the same payment method used when the purchasewas made it.

      CONTACT OPTIONS INCASE OF PAYMENT DIFFICULTIES ON THE PLATFORM: If you have any questions,complaints, claims or requests, please contact Milonga by email at:ecommerce@milonga.com.co

      PRODUCTS: We have madeevery effort to display as accurately as possible the colors and images of theproducts listed on shop.milonga.co.com however, we cannot guarantee that yourcomputer monitor's display of any color will be precise.

      PRODUCT MAINTENANCE:Milonga wishes to advise the User of the washing and maintenance instructionsprinted on product labels. Milonga is not responsible for damages resultingfrom mishandling and misuse of the products, including the use of impropermaintenance methods.

      WARRANTY: It isMilonga's obligation to the customer to guarantee the quality, suitability,safety, good condition and performance of the products sold throughshop.milonga.com.co.

      Thetermination of the validity of the warranty on items purchased through ourwebsite due to defects in quality, suitability and/or safety, unlessspecifically stated on our website in relation to a product: is thirty (30)calendar days from the date of delivery. When making a request, we recommend that you send photos to our Milongateam at ecommerce@milonga.com.co. Any warranty request must be analyzed by thedepartment responsible for Quality Control, which will determine theadmissibility or not of such request (after analyzing the item subject of therequest) and will issue a response within 15 working days, according to thelaw.

      The customer mayrequest a refund, exchange or store credit if the item in question presents anyof the following non-conformity criteria in:


      * Defective prints. 

       * Overlapping, blurredor unintentional prints. 

       * Stampings with emptyspaces. 

       * Stampings withstains.


      * Unintentional holesor perforation. 

      * Loose seams. 

      * Staggered or omittedstitches. 

      * Elastic that doesnot fit. 

      * Staggered or unevenelastic. 

      * Broken threads. 

      * Faulty closures orzippers. 

      * Seams withoutpolished finish.


      * Non-conformity infabric, speckles. 

       * Color or blendchanges. 

       * Stiffness. 

       * Itchy / burningfibers.

      Inother cases, and after determining the adequacy of the warranty, the warrantywill be provided by repair. Milonga will assume the costs of shipping exchangesand return for warranties. The lead time for availability of spares, parts, suppliesand trained personnel in the event of a repair request will be 15 days from thedate of purchase. Costs associated with a repair, not covered by the warranty,will be assumed by the customer.