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      Refund policy


      Refunds generally take 15 to 30 business days from the date we receive your items. The balance will be refunded through the same payment method used when the purchase was made.

      CONTACT OPTIONS IN CASE OF PAYMENT DIFFICULTIES ON THE PLATFORM: If you have any questions, complaints, claims or requests, please contact Milonga by email at: ecommerce@milonga.com.co

      PRODUCTS: We have endeavored to display as accurately as possible the colors and images of the products listed on shop.milonga.co.com however, we cannot guarantee that your computer monitor's display of any color will be accurate.

      PRODUCT MAINTENANCE: Milonga wishes to advise the User of the washing and maintenance instructions printed on the product labels. Milonga shall not be liable for damages resulting from mishandling and misuse of the products, including the use of improper maintenance methods.

      WARRANTY: It is Milonga's obligation to the customer to guarantee the quality, suitability, safety, good condition and performance of the products sold through shop.milonga.com.co.

      The termination of the validity of the warranty on items purchased through our website due to defects in quality, suitability and/or safety, unless specifically stated on our website in relation to a product: is thirty (30) calendar days from the date of delivery. When making a request, we recommend that you send photos to our Milonga team at ecommerce@milonga.com.co. Any warranty request must be analyzed by the department responsible for Quality Control, which will determine the admissibility or not of such request (after analyzing the item subject of the request) and will issue a response within 15 working days, according to the law.

      The customer may request a refund, exchange or store credit if the item in question presents any of the following non-conformity criteria in:


      * Defective prints.

      * Overlapping, blurred or unintentional prints.

      * Stampings with empty spaces.

      * Stampings with stains.


      * Unintentional holes or perforation.

      * Loose seams.

      * Staggered or omitted stitches.

      * Elastic that does not fit.

      * Staggered or uneven elastic.

      * Broken threads.

      * Faulty zippers or zippers.

      * Seams without polished finish.


      * Non-conformity in fabric, speckles.

      * Color or blend changes.

      * Stiffness.

      * Itchy / burning fibers.

      In other cases, and after determining the adequacy of the warranty, the warranty will be provided by repair. Milonga will assume the costs of shipping exchanges and return for warranties. The lead time for availability of spare parts, parts, supplies and trained personnel in the case of a repair request will be 15 from the date of purchase. Costs associated with a repair, not covered by the warranty, will be borne by the customer.